Erin Shirreff UN 2010

(apologies for the shakiness of the footage)

These are the notes written after initially seeing Ms. Shirreff’s piece UN 2010 (color video, silent, 17 minute loop) at a group show called Building Materials at Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT

  • Video transitions from day to night- time lapse?
  • At first viewing so subtle was not sure what I was looking at, even thought ‘Video is not working, it’s stuck.’
  • At times the transition is abrupt, almost jarring, other times much slower; the latter much easier to visually digest.
  • Is it a photo? Movement created with light, image is staying still.
  • The video image of the building is distinct with details, while the surrounding imagery becomes like a conte crayon drawing or a painting in monochromatic hues.
  • The change in atmospheric rendering subtle, then not so subtle.
  • Feels as if the work is growing, breathing, expanding; the image stays still in it’s depiction of the UN building.

After reading about her Time Lapse pieces, questions were answered and remarks were verified. As stated in my notes, at first I did not see the subtlety. Went to look at other artwork and gave the video a second look. Stayed with it and was entranced by the minute yet powerful changes in the still images. As an artist who works with skies, light, shadow and atmospheric change, I came to appreciate UN 2010 and am a fan of Ms. Shirreff.

To read more about the Time Lapse pieces click on the following link:

Click to access 2010_Kaleidoscope_WEB.pdf

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